We made a sound based campaign to challenge peoples preconceived notions of what a sustainable job can be.  
Digital marketing campaign for the launch of a new sustainable job search plattform.
Double Cloud connects candidates to innovative companies that want to make the world a better place. Our mission was to target people looking for jobs in tech and communication.
The overall marketing campaign, workshops, copy and ideas were done in a group consisting of me, Sofia Andersson and Nessie Blom for a project at Medieinstitutet, 2021.

The artwork, animations and sounds were created by me in Illustrator and After Effects. 
Instagram story
#1 Developers
Can a web developer code their way to a better world? Yes, through Double Cloud they can!
The sound of an energy drink being opened in front of a computer will certainly sound familiar to the targeted audience. They know. 
Goal: Swipe up and join Double Cloud
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#2 Communication
Can you work in communications and still make the world a better place? Yes, through Double Cloud you can!
This is our take on the sound of communication. Pling. 
Goal: Swipe up and join Double Cloud
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#3 General
Can you make the world a better place behind a desk? Yes, through Double Cloud you can!
This is for anyone who sits behind a desk all day, wanting to do something meaningful with their life. They know who they are.
Goal: Swipe up and join Double Cloud
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#4 General
Goal: Follow Double Cloud on IG or Join Double Cloud
We thought it would be a perfect match to advertise our sound based campaign on Spotify - a sound based plattform.  
Goal: "Read more" and Join Double Cloud

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